Cacadu Is Now Available!

Conderella has now made available the first version of their highly customizable Windows Task Automation software: Cacadu. The first version is 1.0.12927.0. Cacadu is runs on the .NET framework for versions 4.0 & later. What’s nice about Cacadu is that it loads quickly, and from one window allows tasks to be grouped together and easily created and modified. Cacadu allows a visual display of the task and its actions – that’s just the beginning to the advantages that Cacadu has over the built-in Windows task scheduler.

Cacadu’s customizable approach to task automation ensures that it not only is user friendly out of the box, but ready to perform more thorough tasks for skilled IT professionals or systems administrators. For example, If I think just like a systems administrator (SA), I am quite preferential as to what anti-virus software I use. From my technical experience, I use a free version of an effective anti-virus program which can be executed from a USB stick. Doing so gives me a tactical advantage when troubleshooting Trojan viruses that disable internet capabilities. However, that flexibility requires the process be executed manually. This is where Cacadu allows me to execute the command-line interface of the anti-virus software, pass the command the options required for the type of scan being performed, add multiple actions to the task so that the task will first download any available viral signature updates and then execute the search. Lastly, but most importantly, I can now schedule the task to run periodically. Thus, using Cacadu, a freeware program that has no inherent task scheduling capability is now fully automated according to my requirements as an SA. Whether your tasks are simple or nuanced, Cacadu can automate them.

Furthermore, I can make use of global variables which are seen by all the automated tasks. The variables further enhance the capabilities of the tasks I choose to run. So whether you’re a computer novice or guru, Cacadu is up to handling the task – literally.

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